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This is a blog about making beer, primarily ME making beer. However, it will also teach you how to homebrew---either all grain or with little cans of goo. Enjoy!

Friday, June 08, 2007

El Hefe

Ok, it's time for an update---and a new recipe. After spending the past year and a half looking for a site to put a new microbrewery, we've finally ended up in Chelsea. We still have lots of forms to fill out, as well as city council meetings to attend, and also the building has to be completely gutted and re-built. If we have good luck and a decent tailwind, we could possibly be open in January. (I'm an optimist, by the way.) If we manage to finish by St. Patrick's Day, it will make me very happy. The building is long and narrow, we'll have a stage with Blues most nights, Jazz brunch Sundays. It's an old theater, and we hope to be able to use the mezzanine as well.

Joe Walters and Jim Satterfield will be the assistant brewers to start.

The recipe is for Hefeweizen, which means "with yeast" in German. So don't freak out because it's cloudy! This recipe is very basic, very easy, and yummy too. I used Amarillo hops, because Mike was all out of Tettnang. It still tastes great.