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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Belgian Leftover Stout

I had this smack pack of Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey in the fridge, which I got free when Merchant of Vino closed in 2002. Also, I had some roast barley, some rye I got at a guild swap of unknown age, some Munich malt, and various hops one of which I forgot to label. Out of curiosity, I popped the smack pack about 10 days ago. Yesterday, it had swelled up to full size. Hmmm. Must be a Sign From God that it's time to brew I decided to throw everything into the pot. I added 3 pounds of pilsener as the malt bill was a tad light for my taste. Anyway, here's the recipe:

1/2 pound Belgian 2 row
1/2 pound Belgian aromatic
9 ounces roast barley
3 pounds Durst Pils
3.75 pounds of Munich
1 pound flaked Rye

Boil, 1/2 oz. Challenger 7.2%
plus 1/2 ounce something (probably EKG 5.4%)
15 EOB 1/2 ounce Styrian Goldings 4.0%

Wyeast 1214

60 minute mash, 60 minute boil, usual additions, BUT no make up water. Thus, a smaller batch than usual, giving a starting gravity of 1.056. I've had a Belgian Stout over at Jolly Pumpkin, it was pretty sour. I think Ron put extra bacteria in, just for fun. I expect mine to have some banana esters based on what it smelled like when I pitched it! More as it happens....


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