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This is a blog about making beer, primarily ME making beer. However, it will also teach you how to homebrew---either all grain or with little cans of goo. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Brewery!

Hi there. Sorry for not posting lo these many months. I moved to New Hampshire and started a brewery there. I'll post some photos of the construction---we hope to open in September. Expecting the feds to approve us today, but I know how that goes! The plumber called and said they couldn't finish the kettle vent stack until next week. It's been a real experience and I hope to write a book about it. I've counted, and Manchester Brewing is my seventh try. I'm going to count Liberty Street Brewing Company as my first since I designed the facility and built the company myself---so Manchester will be my second actual brewery.

It's very different from Liberty Street, particularly since it's not a brewpub, but a straight micro with a TINY tasting room. The whole place is about 900 square feet. Above is a drawing for the label of our first brew, Concord Combat Ale. I liked the art, but it turned out there's really too much white space for a cool label---but why waste the art?