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Sunday, April 05, 2009


We've got a new website, over at Manchester Brewing! As usually happens, I forgot to post for a few months. The Studly Monk is aging well. I'm planning a new edition soon, which will have a higher ABV and more orange.

The John Thomas Red and Conspiracy Theory Oatmeal Stout are in the tank. We have a bottling machine on the way, so hopefully sometime this week these two will get into bottles, then become available the following week. The Alt Cntrl Delete is due after that.

Notes on the names:

The John Thomas Red is a very Monty Python kind of name. See if you can guess whose photo that is on the label! We're kind of fond of bad jokes around here, doncha know.

The Conspiracy Theory Oatmeal Stout features two men, one of whom is saying "Did you hear about Building 7?" to the other. Of course, Building 7 is the third World Trade Center tower to collapse on September 11, 2001. It fell down even though it hadn't been hit by a plane. It might have been on fire, or maybe not. There are videos showing police telling bystanders that the building was going to come down, and moving them away from the building. Building 7 was ignored by the 911 Commission. See for more details. Oddly, everyone believes there was a conspiracy that led to 911. The only disagreement is who, exactly, was responsible. That President Roosevelt knew in advance of the Pearl Harbor attack has been settled since 2000, when listening post data from the South Pacific became available and unclassified. The government still won't cop to that one, either...yet.

The Alt Control Delete is one of my favorite labels. It's seriously geeky. The Alt form of beer (a Northern German style) is one of my favorites, and it's damn hard to find a good one hereabouts.

The Naughty Nancy's Nut Brown Ale was rejected by the Feds. We're going to clean her up a bit and re-submit.

We're also working on a deal to bring t-shirts of all our labels out, plus some other swag. Stay tuned on that one. You can get the original OMFG shirt design, and the Kombat Ale, on the Manchester Brewing site right now.

Derek Cochrane has left us for the bright lights of a landscaping career. Jason Knoblaugh is filling in at the assistant brewer helm.


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Is that a real GUN? Rainwater Systems

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