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This is a blog about making beer, primarily ME making beer. However, it will also teach you how to homebrew---either all grain or with little cans of goo. Enjoy!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Let the Earth Tremble at the Coming of The New Hampshire Brewer's Guild

Saturday would have been just another Saturday but for the chosen few gathered at the Barley Pub in Dover, who plotted future meetings with a dogged determination that bordered on, well, doggedly determined. The meeting was a grueling 2.5 hour talkfest that strayed from the printed agenda in many good ways. Thanks to this, the Foul Robert's Rules of Order were never adopted.

Beer was consumed. Representatives of many breweries were on hand, plus Dan from Ale Street News was there...listening to "don't print that Dan!" from time to time. It was agreed that further meetings with drinks were needed to obtain a more balanced perspective.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Awaiting the State thing

We now have a stunning new anti-alcohol poster for minors. I assume it's meant to be displayed and wasn't just a gift from the state. On the 22nd, our friends from Liquor Control paid a visit and gave us some swell regulations. So I got to ask if we were a Cocktail Lounge. Apparently, we aren't, which is a good thing, because that means people can smoke there if we feel like allowing it. Right now, we're waiting for the Board to pass our license, which they only do on infrequent occasions. The next one is on the 8th, we hope to brew the first batch on the 9th. Still not sure which beer it will be. It's likely the Devil's Rooster though.

The parts for the brewing have begun to show up via UPS and Fedex, valves and clamps and hoses and the scale and dunnage racks. There's always some cool thing we need. We bought a couple of tanks from an ad on Probrewer, some were great and two were amazingly bad and have needed a welder to make them right.

There are some really cool new labels to show, they're being made into t-shirts which will go on sale soon. Two of the designs are mine and done with Manchester artist Dan Roberge, who mysteriously vanished after we paid him. If you've seen him, tell him we like the labels! The next is being worked on by Eddye Grogan and you'll be able to see that too.

Our new site is and is in progress. Terry Williams is putting the site together. It'll be very simple so if you like it, it's Terry, and if you hate it, it's our fault. We have a new logo as well, Lou Eastman did that. Through word of mouth we've come very close to selling out our first batch! I certainly hope it's popular....there is a real interest in locally brewed beer, and Concord has a lot of civic appreciation, for lack of a better phrase.

The organizing meeting for the New Hampshire Brewer's Guild is tomorrow, looks like fun, maybe all 8 of us will go.

I swiped the posters up top online because they're terribly cute.