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Monday, September 04, 2006

Beer for Today

G'day! Here's a recipe for a brew I'm making today:
8 pounds Durst Pilsner malt
13 oz. Vienna malt
13 oz. Flaked Rye
4.625 oz. Dark Chocolate malt
10 oz. Crystal 80 malt
11 oz. Roasted Barley malt

For the first addition, (60 minutes of boil) I'm trying 1.5 oz. Cascade hops, 5.5% alpha
For the second addition, (at 30 minutes into boil) 1 oz. East Kent Golding hops, 5.8% alpha

Yeast is Danstar Windsor, dried, 11 grams. I used this for the previous pineapple brew, and really enjoyed the clean taste and speed. The yeast took off in a short time and was quite vigorous for a dried yeast. Normally I use Wyeast liquid, but the Danstar was recommended and it's only $1.29 as opposed to $6.50 for the Wyeast. Normally I get a few uses out of each yeast, but after the pineapple brew I don't think it would work well.

Misc: 1 tsp. gypsum pre-mash
1 tsp. Irish Moss 15 minutes from End of Boil (henceforth EOB)

I'm shooting for the spiciness you get from rye, plus the nutty flavor of vienna malt. I may have too little of either for a pronounced, distinct taste---we'll see. The crystal 80 is for body and should give a raisin undertone (not resiny!). The chocolate and roast are pretty standard with all my stouts. I've left out the black malt because it overwhelms the other flavors.


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