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Friday, October 13, 2006

A bit of Red

Here's a new batch that just finished today:
5 pounds Munton's lager malt
1 pound Belgian aromatic malt
1 pound Vienna malt
4 ounces roasted barley

Mash at 145 F for 60 minutes, 60 minute boil. 8 quarts mash water, 4 gallon sparge at 170 F.
Hops: 1st addition (start of boil) 1 ounce 4.5% Willamette
2nd addition (30 minutes) 1 ounce 2.9% Saaz
3rd addition (15 minutes) 1 ounce 3.6% Saaz
Yeast: Irish ale, White labs, from batch of ginger porter
Original gravity: 1.040
Final gravity: 1.008
Alcohol by Volume: 4%

This brew is a session red, dry with malt taste prevailing slightly. Some hop bitterness and aroma. Photo to follow...


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