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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mo Better Cider

Since Friday, the cider has gone from 1.052 to 1.020, yielding a very drinkable cider with 4% abv. You can see by the photo that the color has changed to nearly orange juicy. The flavor is excellent, not too dry or sweet, and the cider is well-carbonated to the extent that you can see bubbles when it's poured, although there is no head on it. Both batches, the one and five gallon, are still slowly fermenting, and I'll leave them alone for awhile to see what happens next. There are two different yeasts in use, and the five gallon batch is noticeably drier, even though the specific gravity is now at 1.024 in the big bottle. Happy Halloween!

Update: the cider fermented all the way to 1.003, making it quite the headbanger. It's dry but very refreshing. I'm saving a few bottles to see what happens later...


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